Chad Kunc

Chad Kunc

Owner & Founder

Chad Kunc spent his entire professional career creating, building and managing businesses. After selling his last retail business in the early 2000’s, he decided to share his knowledge and accumulated business experience by applying it to a career in the financial industry.

In 2004, Chad joined A. G. Edwards as a financial advisor. There he developed his skills as a portfolio manager constructing dynamic investment models that included a “sell” discipline designed to help protect client’s assets in declining markets. As a successful business owner, Chad also acquired invaluable knowledge and experience for managing tax risks. He applies this knowledge to educate his clients on the value of using tax-free solutions to help protect them from the impact of long-term tax risks on their future income streams and overall net worth. Both solutions align perfectly with Chad’s belief in holistic family and legacy wealth planning with asset protection.

Chad is a native of Iowa where he started his career and built a large client base. Over the years, he has become close friends with many of his clients and their extended family. Chad is married to Dr. Stacey Gorovoy and they have two beautiful children. During his free time Chad enjoys caddying for his son, singing country music, traveling, spending time with his large family and permeating the neighborhood with crowd-gathering fumes from his giant smoker.


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