About CPK Wealth Management

Our Mission

Our mission is to build an online investment advisory platform that provides clearly-defined retirement solutions designed to reduce risks, costs, taxes and stress which ultimately leads to a better lifestyle for investors and their legacy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a simple, low-cost and efficient wealth management firm that elevates the quality and frequency of communication while utilizing investment solutions that investors relate to, understand and are comfortable using.

Our Values

We're committed to accomplishing our mission and vision so our clients can fulfill their lifestyle and dreams without concern, and can know with certainty that their loved ones and the organizations they support will be well cared for in their absence.

Our Clients

Our clients are driven professionals, located across the U.S., within ten years of retirement or are already retired. They are very active in their community and personal lives, have successfully saved more than a half million dollars for retirement and share a common desire to live long, prosperous and healthy lifestyles comprised of stimulating and memorable activities with family and friends.

Their need for convenience, time-efficiency, lower costs and improved communications has driven many to embrace a more practical and beneficial online advisory solution. This fulfills their desire to have a stronger and more involved relationship without sacrificing their value of professional advice.  

They are not comfortable making investment decisions and prefer to engage an experienced advisor who will collaborate with their tax and estate professionals to review, manage and suggest changes that maximize the benefits of their financial plan.

Our clients want a trusted advisor who will work tirelessly on their behalf to retain the wealth they have accumulated, properly protect it and skillfully transfer it in their absence for free use and enjoyment to their heirs and supported organizations.

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