What is Your Retirement Plan?

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Having a retirement plan is more than just putting money away.  It's more than just picking out your favorite golf courses or travel destinations.  It requires a strategic plan based on various factors that are unique to you

These are some of the most common questions we hear: 

  • When Should I Begin Taking Social Security?
  • How Long Will My Money Last?
  • How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?
  • How Much Will I Spend?
  • How Will I Pay for Medical Expenses in Retirement?
  • Should I Take My Pension as a Lump Sum?
  • Should I Buy an Annuity?
  • How Will Taxes Impact My Income?

We can help you answer ALL of these questions and quickly get you on the path to the retirement of your dreams!

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Planning for tomorrow begins today. A retirement plan can help you reap the benefits of a lifetime’s work and provide total peace of mind that you’ll be able to enjoy life beyond your working years.

Hallmarks of a sound retirement plan include the ability to adapt to changing economic and market conditions and the freedom to embrace life’s surprises. Your CPK Wealth Advisor will work with you to create a tailored retirement plan that supports your lifestyle and sets you up to live comfortably when you no longer need to work.

Stage 1: Savings and Investments

Ensuring that you’re able to enjoy your retirement as you envisioned begins with a savings and investment strategy. Your objectives for retirement are personal to you and will often be the fruition of a lifetime of effort. CPK Wealth will help you address common issues such as how much you need to save or invest and navigate additional considerations such as offsetting losses or preventing future loss, with trusted guidance and assured leadership.

Stage 2: Transitioning into Retirement

A common misstep is transitioning into retirement before you are ready. There are several forces including debt, healthcare needs, inflation and market fluctuations that can impact your standard of living and your ability to retire comfortably.

Your CPK Wealth Advisor will take the time to understand these and other factors and will review and update your retirement plan in advance of your retirement to ensure a smooth transition. With robust planning and a pro-active approach, we will help you navigate your retirement journey with complete confidence.

Stage 3: Retirement

Market changes can happen at any time. In retirement, those changes can even force you to compromise on the life you wish to lead. An appropriate income strategy should consider both market and economic risks as well as solutions to cover potential unexpected needs. Your CPK Wealth Advisor will offer advice and guidance to help protect your investment income and wealth management strategy.

We specialize in retirement planning for clients at all stages of their lives. Start a personal conversation with us today to safeguard your future.


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