Do You Need a Financial Planner?

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If you've asked yourself these questions:

  • At what age can I retire so I don't outlive my money?
  • How do I make sure my family is cared for?
  • What are the best investments for me?
  • How do I protect myself from the next market decline?
  • How can I reduce my tax liability?
  • How do I pay for long term care?

A CPK Financial Planner can help you answer them.

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Financial Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Whatever you want from life and whatever success looks like to you, a smart wealth management strategy can help you achieve your goals at every stage of your journey.

The bedrock of any successful financial plan is clarity, fluidity, trust and transparency. Your CPK Wealth Management Advisor will work with you to create a tailored, goals-oriented financial plan that supports your ambitions and sets you up for success in the future.

Stage 1: Discovery

Your unique financial needs, priorities and challenges are personal to you. Your family, your health, your assets and your business interests will all have an impact on how your wealth is managed. CPK Wealth believes a deep understanding of your circumstances is key to helping us address financial issues and provide clear, trusted leadership and exceptional guidance.   

Stage 2: Planning

CPK Wealth works in collaboration with you to help navigate the challenges, legislation, investments and demands that impact your wealth and how it is managed to best serve your goals and priorities. We’ll work with you to define a tailored, priority-focused plan that recognizes key life stages such as debt elimination, retirement, estate planning and legacy. From family governance and trust management to philanthropy and estate protection, your dedicated CPK Wealth Financial Advisor will build a fully tailored, comprehensive financial plan, aligned with your personal timeline and individual circumstances, however complex.

Stage 3: Execution

Personal events, market forces and geopolitical changes require highly responsive wealth management strategies, underpinned by an advanced understanding of the implications associated with each change. Your CPK Wealth Advisor will provide sure stewardship, working closely with you to make the necessary updates and adjustments to keep your wealth management journey on course.

We specialize in personalized wealth management for clients at all stages of their lives.

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