In today’s challenging and uncertain times, a college education is more important than ever. Eight in 10 Americans believe that a college education is extremely or very important. However, with the cost of a college education on the rise, it is vital to deploy a strategic savings plan at a very early age of your child or grandchild.  

A smart investment strategy that utilizes all available tax savings is essential. Your CPK Wealth Advisor can help you to develop a suitable college savings plan to give your future graduate the best possible start in life.

Strategic Planning

The rising cost of a college education is nothing new. More students are graduating today with a heavy burden of debt and finding it difficult to repay it. Putting a suitable savings plan in place early on in a child’s life can not only help reduce the risk of such a burden but also creates a much more manageable budget to achieve success.

We understand that this can be a complex and sometimes challenging endeavor but one that is ultimately incredibly rewarding. Your CPK Wealth Advisor will work with you to navigate the various tax benefits and investment vehicles to create a strategic plan that safeguards and assures the future education of your loved one.

529 College Savings Plans

529 College Savings Plans offer potential tax savings and deferrals dependent on your state of residence. Including extended family members to maximize savings is becoming increasingly popular. Your CPK Wealth Advisor will guide you through the tax-deductible and tax-free pathways and help you choose the optimal route for your family.

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAs)

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts can also offer federal tax benefits across a range of qualifying education expenses. The rules governing account holders and beneficiaries, in addition to the maximum value of contributions differ to those of 529 College Savings Plans. Your CPK Wealth Advisor can help you determine if this is the right product for your needs.

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